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Eatontown Royales Alumni

to the official
Royales Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps Alumni Home Page

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Tell everybody what you've been up to and how to contact you.  I am using a guestbook on a remote site for now until I can figure out what I did to screw up my local guestbook.

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Similar to the guestbook, however the Forum allows you to ask questions and get answers, make statements and get feedback, etc.  Who is the best corps out there today?  Who has the smokingest horn line, the tighest drumline, coolest guard?  What are your reunion suggestions?  Who would you like to find out how to get ahold of?  Give your opinion and see who does or doesn't agree with you.  The forum is brand new as of 8/19/98 so I'm not 100% sure how it will work out, but give it a try and let's see.  So far I have discovered that anything you post does not show up immediately.  So be patient, hopefully it will show up later in the day. (I'm still waiting).  I've also discovered that you have to fill out a short registration form with Delphi (the service that provides the forum) to enter, but it's free, short and quick.  The registration allows you to post your own messages on the forum.



We want to start working on a reunion, but with the few names we have it would be a waste.  We need names, address, e-mail, phone numbers, anything you can send to help us get in touch with members so we can get enough people for a reunion to we worthwhile.  Send info to:

or write to:
John Egan
P.O. Box 4236
Brick, NJ 08723

Following is a list of people I have been able to track down, but I need your help in finding others. The names in parentheses after some of the girls names are their new married names. Some names have a link which you can go to if you'd like to see more about them. Some of the links are to that members own homepage, some are to a small homepage that I made for them, using the information they gave me, and some go directly to an e-mail option. Experiment. Everyone on this page wants to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch with them at their e-mail site, their address, or, if no other option is given, you can e-mail me directly and I will see that they get your message. Have fun:

Horn line:

Ricky Ables Solo Sorpano e-mail
new30.gif (11655 bytes)Vernon (Chuck) Buntin Solo Soprano e-mail
Darren (Mason) Cytryn Soprano e-mail
Karen Dougherty (Griffitts) Soprano/Mellophone e-mail
Henry Dresing Soprano e-mail
John R. Egan Solo Soprano Homepage or e-mail
Jackie Egan (Fritsche) Solo Soprano Homepage or e-mail
Chickie Farrell (Egan) Soprano e-mail
Kevin Farrell Baritone Photo
Richard Farrell Baritone
John Francese Contra Bass
Carl Fritsche Solo Baritone e-mail
Megan Gallagher (Koch) e-mail
Phyllis Jackson Contra Bass
Barbara Johns Soprano Address
Perry Levine Soprano, Mellophone e-mail
Steve Tier Solo Soprano e-mail
Mark Weaver Soprano e-mail
David Yhlen Baritone e-mail

Drum Line:

Steve (Little Stevie) Aleman e-mail
Marc Buntin e-mail
Monty James Tympany
Anthony (Tony) Jenners Snare e-mail Homepage
new30.gif (11655 bytes)Fred (Wheelbarrow) Oltarzewski Snare e-mail (new, update your addressbook)

Color Guard:

Candy Alcrim (Mackey) e-mail
Randi Alcrim (Martinez)
new30.gif (11655 bytes)Sandy Alcrim (Jasmin) Rifle e-mail (new, update your addressbook)
LouAnn Brand Rifle e-mail
Narda Carroll (Hay) Rifle
Jackie Egan (Fritsche) Rifle Homepage or e-mail
Chickie Farrell (Egan) Rifle e-mail
Denise Farrell (Forbes) Rifle

new_ani.gif (26188 bytes)Sue Oka (Horton) (e-mail appears to be innactive - I'm checking on it)
Anthony (Tony) Jenners Rifle Homepage or e-mail
Colleen Manning Rifle
Noni Manning (Cavaliere) Rifle Homepage
Ricky Miles e-mail
Wayne Londel Mills Rifle
Rita Schaefer (Bongiovi) Rifle/Flag e-mail

new_ani.gif (26188 bytes)Vicki Smith (Grzankowski) e-mail

Adult staff

new_ani.gif (26188 bytes)Billy Horton (e-mail appears to be innactive - I'm checking on it)
Mr. Horton Equipment Manager
Perry Levine e-mail
Mr. Stout Director
Ray Troxell Horn Instructor (e-mail appears to be innactive)
Mr. Fred Wolf Director



Flash back to 1970!!

While you're waiting for this page to improve, check out some of these other drum and bugle corps links!


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Many of the above sites are operated by students who use their school's internet account to put the site on the web. When school is out, some sites don't work because the school cancels it's account for the summer. If you don't have any luck with the site now, try again in the fall.

Need equipment? Try:

(This is not an ad, just a suggestion, no guarantees, I've never dealt with them or spoken to them. It's just a link I happened to stumble across....

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Royales horn instructor and DCA brass caption head, Ray Troxell, lost his father to a stroke last week.  Mr. Troxell had suffered four other strokes on separate occasions and had not been doing well of late.  Although it was not unexpected, his family is
going through a rather difficult time right now and I know that any condolences you all would wish to send would be greatly appreciated.  Unless I hear otherwise, I believe the following information to be correct:

Ray Troxell
RD 5, Box 23
Oak Ridge, NJ  07438
(201) 697-6096

If this has changed, please e-mail me and I will post the corrected information.

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