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Royales Reunion within a reunion

Royales reunion within a reunion

is hosting:

Music in Motion

The Big Apple Invitational










An alumni salute to great eastern drum corps of the past!

Following is a copy of the letter from the organizer:

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Dear Drum Corps Alumni,

     The response from Alumni has been great.  As of today, I have had replies from alumni of over 35 corps---and it's only February.  I have spoken to so many people who think it's a great idea.  But thinking it and actually doing it are two different things, of course.  So it's time for the next step.

     I believe the highlight of the evening will be having members in uniform on the field, along with a brief history, a picture on the electronic scoreboard, etc.  "After an absence of 25 years, _____returns to the field again!"  There should be no problem with the large corps, such as Blessed Sacrament, the Bridgemen, Muchachos.  What will make it great, if we can pull it off, is to get alumni in uniform of some of the smaller, not so well know, corps.  And of course, getting a group together to see it.

     We cannot do this by ourselves--alumni, this is your show!  How about it!  Sign up to represent your corps.  Agree to come up with a uniform.  Track down an old uniform or make a replica (fitting into it is not necessarily a requirement--we can have members from one of the bands actually wear the uniform if necessary, escorted by the alumnus.)  Call some people, organize a group to come to the show.  This can be the greatest drum corps day in this area since the last Dream Contest--but we need to make it happen!

     The next step: be a part of it!  Complete the enclosed participation form and return it to me.  To make this happen, I need to get at least 20 corps involved--you can b among the first!  Let's do it!!!!


Ray Schofield

Events Manager

Music in Motion

August 6

7:30 PM

Giants Statuim

East Rutherford, NJ

Tickets: (201)384-8822